Creative Writing Workshop

I am excited to invite you to join my creative writing workshop, and embark on a journey of discovering your own creativity and your unique voice. I will be sharing my own process of writing, inviting you to experiment, guiding you gently on your journey, and offering constructive feedback. In 2017, I left my paidContinue reading “Creative Writing Workshop”

Frammenti di Haifa receives second place in the Premio Letterario Citta di Siena literary award

I am honored and humbled to have Frammenti di Haifa, the Italian translation of my novel, Haifa Fragments, recieve the second place in the Premio Letterario Citta di Siena literary award. The ceremony was held at the Università per Stranieri di Siena on 25 May, 2018. I would like to thank the judges for their choiceContinue reading “Frammenti di Haifa receives second place in the Premio Letterario Citta di Siena literary award”

Beautiful gaps of meaning

In life, as in literature, there are beautiful gaps of meaning. Sometimes they are intentional, at other times spontaneous. A writer leaves for us gaps to complete the meaning according to our own life experiences; sometimes she has the answers, but often the writer herself doesn’t have the answer. For me, one of the smallContinue reading “Beautiful gaps of meaning”

monologue on the wall

being a writer means that I’m either writing, thinking about writing and about my characters’s lives, constantly weaving alternative narrative lines in my head. But it also means that I live two parallel lives – the one real life, and then a second life, which is lived through words, within the folds of notebooks. There, whenContinue reading “monologue on the wall”

“Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress

I am back at my writing desk, as finally the characters of “Taboos in Arabic” know how they want to progress with the narratives of their stories. I am sharing with you here a fragment of Bisan’s beginnings in Haifa. Autumn 2013 – Bisan Bisan stands in front of the large shop and glares withContinue reading ““Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress”

Mourning (work-in-progress)

The opening of my new work-in-progress, Mourning. This character came to me two nights ago, as I was falling asleep, and she kept walking in my head all night long, until I could no longer bear it. She is demanding from me to put aside the two big writing projects I’m currently working on, andContinue reading “Mourning (work-in-progress)”

On writing short stories – “Storied Women”

I’m excited to share with you that I’m taking a writing course offered for free by the University of Iowa, in the framework of their International Writing Program, called “How Writers Write Fiction 2016: Storied Women.” Initially, I planned only to audit it, but the course is turning out to be fascinating so far. The firstContinue reading “On writing short stories – “Storied Women””

“Conflict Zone Date” short story available for purchase

I’m happy to let you all know that the copyrights of my short story, “Conflict Zone Date” have cleared and reverted back to me. I am making the story available for purchase to individuals. Send me your email to if you wish to purchase it and I’ll send you a request for payment and aContinue reading ““Conflict Zone Date” short story available for purchase”

Six Weeks – work in progress.

Second excerpt from “Six Weeks” I wake up to the muted howling of the siren. I open my eyes and, for a few seconds, my mind is a complete blank. Then I jerk up into sitting position, grabbing my phone from the bedside table. The phone is blinking with four unanswered calls. 9:47. Shit. Shit,Continue reading “Six Weeks – work in progress.”

Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces: Sketch 1-2

“Six Weeks,” the new novel I’m working on currently, is exhausting me of all energies. It is the most difficult of any writing I have ever done. At its center, the fragile relationship between a woman and her disabled mother. Both daughter and mother have to deal with their own challenges in life, while tryingContinue reading “Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces: Sketch 1-2”