What happened when I dared to write in Arabic

As a Palestinian woman who lives between four languages and several cultures, I write in different languages, each time according to the context. Sometimes my choice of language in social media is arbitrary, while at other times it depends on the content and context. As an activist in the fight against sexual violence in theContinue reading “What happened when I dared to write in Arabic”

Haifa – Old City – photography

Today, something different. Not words, but photographs. When I can’t write, I take up another creative activity, usually photography or gardening. I am slowly returning to my camera. I took these photographs today in the old city of Haifa, where a process of gentrification has been going on for years. Most of these homes belongContinue reading “Haifa – Old City – photography”

“Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress

another excerpt from “Six Weeks,” current work-in-progress. To read previous excerpts from this work: (1) Part one (2) Part two In the next few months, a longer piece will appear in the online literary journal Verity La. Week Three It takes me more than ten minutes to open the door. I insert the key andContinue reading ““Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress”

Tuskuteesh – don’t remain silent – small request

Dear friends, Some of you are familiar with the Tuskuteesh (don’t remain silent in Arabic) Facebook page that me and my friend co-founded a bit over a year ago. The page is a safe space for Arab women to share testimonies of sexual violence. It’s revolutionary in that it’s the only such space. Although weContinue reading “Tuskuteesh – don’t remain silent – small request”

They chip away at your life – novel in progress

We buried Zahra in March. I stumbled through my final exams, sleepless, bleary-eyed, insomniac. All I knew was that I had to get through the exams somehow, because that was my future. But I also knew I couldn’t stay there one minute more than I had to. If I did, I would either have toContinue reading “They chip away at your life – novel in progress”