On the Art of Political Poetry

Recently I’ve been invited to give a workshop for university students in a course on “Women, Poetry, History.” My first reaction was: “What? Me? A poet? No, no, you got it wrong. I ain’t no poet. I’m a fiction writer, a novelist. I don’t do poetry.” But then, slowly, I realized that actually, I amContinue reading “On the Art of Political Poetry”

New Poetry Collection – Coming Soon

I’m currently working on a collection of poetry that will be available in 3-4 months. It will feature poems of resistance, poems about violence against women, poems about Haifa, and poems about identity and belonging. Some of the poems will be accompanied by photographs. Anyone who pledges $3 or more a month will receive aContinue reading “New Poetry Collection – Coming Soon”

Sabra Zoo by Mischa Hiller

I don’t post any book reviews on my blog, nor do I usually write any sophisticated reviews. But I have to make an exception just this once, for Sabra Zoo. It’s not a “proper” review, as I wouldn’t have a clue how to write one, but only my impression of the book. Sabra Zoo, byContinue reading “Sabra Zoo by Mischa Hiller”

The Art of Caring for a Disabled Mother

photo credit: (c) Kholood Eid, 2014 A few nights ago, I was asked by my father to come in the evening and shower my mother. My mom suffered a severe stroke in 2008, which left her disabled and in need of care. During the first couple of years, my dad and I would help herContinue reading “The Art of Caring for a Disabled Mother”

Writing in the Margins – Fluid Identities

Writing in the Margins – Fluid Identities In her Feminist Theory – from Margin to Center, bell hooks opens with the following preface: “To be in the margin is to be part of the whole but outside the main body. As black Americans living in a small Kentucky town, the railroad tracks were a dailyContinue reading “Writing in the Margins – Fluid Identities”