Testimony about recent violence in Haifa

Please share widely This morning (Friday, 14 May 2021), I woke up to the news that thirty eight Palestinian youth were arrested during the night in Haifa. Some of them are minors, interrogated without parental accompaniment, while others with injuries and denied medical care. Lawyers from Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights inContinue reading “Testimony about recent violence in Haifa”

We Wrote in Symbols: Love and Lust by Arab Women Writers

I am thrilled to be sharing with you that At Last, a short story I wrote, is being published in an anthology about lust and love, and which includes writings by 75 Arab women writers, among them Adania Shibli, Isabella Hammad, Hanan Al Shaykh, Hoda Barakat, Leila Aboulela, Joumana Haddad and Leila Slimani. It isContinue reading “We Wrote in Symbols: Love and Lust by Arab Women Writers”

scribbles from a notebook

I dip in and out of writing. Something is simmering beneath the surface. Three women, memories of three lives, each carrying some elements of me inside her. I connect to them, get lost in their lives, I confuse them, then try to separate them back and mould them into three independent characters. I try toContinue reading “scribbles from a notebook”

On writing short stories – “Storied Women”

I’m excited to share with you that I’m taking a writing course offered for free by the University of Iowa, in the framework of their International Writing Program, called “How Writers Write Fiction 2016: Storied Women.” Initially, I planned only to audit it, but the course is turning out to be fascinating so far. The firstContinue reading “On writing short stories – “Storied Women””

Palestinians on the Beach

A few days ago, a post about racism popped up in my newsfeed. It was yet another Palestinian young man who couldn’t rent an apartment in Tel Aviv, because he is an Arab. He saw the apartment, and the landlord agreed to rent it to him. Then, when they met again to sign the contract,Continue reading “Palestinians on the Beach”

Not the article I planned to write

This is not the article I planned to write. I’m writing an article about the dangers and potentials of Facebook activism, after being disillusioned by Facebook, deactivated my account, and then returned to Facebook with new insights. Coming back to Facebook after a while, it feels strange, as if I’m in a new dimension. IContinue reading “Not the article I planned to write”

New Poetry Collection – Coming Soon

I’m currently working on a collection of poetry that will be available in 3-4 months. It will feature poems of resistance, poems about violence against women, poems about Haifa, and poems about identity and belonging. Some of the poems will be accompanied by photographs. Anyone who pledges $3 or more a month will receive aContinue reading “New Poetry Collection – Coming Soon”

If you enjoy my writing, please consider supporting my work

I’ve never asked anyone for money before. Well, not for myself, anyway. I’ve raised money from friends before for individuals in dire need. I’m a bit embarrassed about this, so I will just go ahead and get to the point. I opened a profile on Patreon, which is a site for artists to seek regularContinue reading “If you enjoy my writing, please consider supporting my work”

International Women’s Day 2016

something spontaneous and short i wrote 3 years ago for the International Women’s Day. Wishing women all over the world life free of all forms of oppression and violence in which we can be who we are, pursue our aspirations and dreams and feel safe. woman wake up stand up straight unbending raise your voiceContinue reading “International Women’s Day 2016”