Creative Writing Workshop

I am excited to invite you to join my creative writing workshop, and embark on a journey of discovering your own creativity and your unique voice. I will be sharing my own process of writing, inviting you to experiment, guiding you gently on your journey, and offering constructive feedback.

In 2017, I left my paid job to care for with my disabled mother and spend more time with her. She died in early 2019, and since then I have not gone back to paid employment. During this time, I have been generously supported by my father and partner. But now it is time for me to regain my financial independence, and I would like to do so by doing what I’m most passionate about: creative writing.

Whether you’re writing (or aspiring to write) fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, or any other form of creative writing, you’ll find something of value in these workshops. Because like any other artist, a writer needs to practice in order to improve her writing. I hope that most, if not all, the practice writing assignments here will enrich your writing and open up your creative channels.

By supporting me, you will be supporting my work, enabling me to focus on my writing. Depending on the level of your support, you will be receiving monthly chapters of the creative writing workshop, a piece of writing from my current writing project, receive feedback on your writing, have the opportunity to interact with other Patrons through discussions under the published writing pieces, and more.

To support my work and join in this creative writing journey:

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