Literature can change the world

I believe literature has the power to change the world, one reader and one book at a time. This is the main reason why I share the books Iā€™m reading on my Instagram and sometimes on my Facebook profile. I hope that the love of reading will rub off and inspire more people to pickContinue reading “Literature can change the world”

“Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress

I am back at my writing desk, as finally the characters of “Taboos in Arabic” know how they want to progress with the narratives of their stories. I am sharing with you here a fragment of Bisan’s beginnings in Haifa. Autumn 2013 ā€“ Bisan Bisan stands in front of the large shop and glares withContinue reading ““Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress”

Holiday Gift offer/barter for lovers of literature

My humble Christmas gift offer/barter for lovers of literature, or those looking for a gift for literature lovers. I have decided to offer my short story, “Conflict Zone Date,” which has been published in an international literary magazine, for purchase for any price you think is fair (anything goes). In turn, I will donate halfContinue reading “Holiday Gift offer/barter for lovers of literature”