why it’s important to talk disabilities

My mom, a woman with complex #disabilities, has gotten used to me photographing her about once a week, as part of my activism in making women with disabilities visible. Today I came for a visit, and didn’t remember our weekly ritual. Through pantomime and her 30-40 word vocabulary, she protested and demanded a photo. These areContinue reading “why it’s important to talk disabilities”

Interview with me about my feminist activism

As a feminist activist, I am contacted regularly by international volunteers, interns, and researchers who are doing research on feminism. I usually don’t like the end result, as my quotes are all too often taken out of context. This time, however, I was glad that the researcher made extra effort and worked with me, meetingContinue reading “Interview with me about my feminist activism”

“Six Weeks – The Summer of 2006” in Verity La Literary Magazine

‘How the hell do you hold things together when all of a sudden you have to free hours upon hours every day to take care of your disabled mother? And now this stupid war. How do you make room in your life for a war?’ Nairouz, a Palestinian woman from Haifa in her 40s, hasContinue reading ““Six Weeks – The Summer of 2006” in Verity La Literary Magazine”


In a month, I will be leaving my position as resource development coordinator at Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center. I started my journey with Isha L’Isha ten years ago, in 2007, when I applied for the position. I have found in Isha L’Isha my feminism and my feminist home, I met inspiring and supportiveContinue reading “Changes”

mother – a woman with disabilities

Do you know the nagging type of mothers? Those that call you nine times every day? Well, my mom. Until October 2008, and for many years, my mom used to call me almost obsessively. When she’d be in Hadar shopping, she’d call to check if I needed any underwear, if my daughter needed socks, there’sContinue reading “mother – a woman with disabilities”

“Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress

another excerpt from “Six Weeks,” current work-in-progress. To read previous excerpts from this work: (1) Part one (2) Part two In the next few months, a longer piece will appear in the online literary journal Verity La. Week Three It takes me more than ten minutes to open the door. I insert the key andContinue reading ““Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress”

Mama, you will always be home

I watch her eyes as she watches the news. I watch the fear almost spilling out. Behind the glass windows – A horror movie. A helpless ninety year old woman – Beaten in her bed. Wheelchairs parked in the middle of the night – In the corridor. Slumping wrinkled bodies sleeping – In the wheelchairsContinue reading “Mama, you will always be home”

from the diary of caring for a disabled mother: a different rhythm of life

from the diary of caring for a disabled mother: when the rhythm of your movement is slowed down due to physical disability, and you are unable to go outdoors in cold and rainy weather, a sunny day in the middle of winter is a precious gift to cherish. when you are forced to change theContinue reading “from the diary of caring for a disabled mother: a different rhythm of life”

Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces. Sketch 3

Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces. Sketch 3 – 29 August 2016 For two months now, I’ve been taking my mom to Tai Chi classes. Not a class for people with disabilities. A class for women only. It is a small class, consisting of five participants. We convene every Sunday for 90 minutesContinue reading “Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces. Sketch 3”