from “Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress

In the evening, I carry the pieces of my mother’s stories up the Haifa stairs. I carry them gently, for I am afraid to drop one of them, lose a second, forget a third. For these are not merely pieces of her stories, they are pieces of herself. She has given me these stories, memories,Continue reading “from “Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress”

mother – a woman with disabilities

Do you know the nagging type of mothers? Those that call you nine times every day? Well, my mom. Until October 2008, and for many years, my mom used to call me almost obsessively. When she’d be in Hadar shopping, she’d call to check if I needed any underwear, if my daughter needed socks, there’sContinue reading “mother – a woman with disabilities”

the first time – memory | experimental writing

I’ll be sharing some experimental writing here with you. Please feel free to give me feedback, as I am really just stumbling through the darkness with this. I do have to warn you that it might be difficult to read, as I am working on a novel where the main character is a survivor ofContinue reading “the first time – memory | experimental writing”