from the diary of caring for a disabled mother: a different rhythm of life

from the diary of caring for a disabled mother:

when the rhythm of your movement is slowed down due to physical disability, and you are unable to go outdoors in cold and rainy weather, a sunny day in the middle of winter is a precious gift to cherish.

when you are forced to change the rhythm of your own life, when everything slows down, you experience life differently. You begin to pay attention to details you would otherwise not even see.

a physical disability is just that – a physical disability. It is up to you to how you deal with it and how you go about life with it. But at the same time, a physical disability is not just a physical disability. It affects every daily activity of your life, even the simple act of going outside when it’s cold or rainy. It is a daily struggle, but I’ve come to learn – from the perspective of a caretaker of a mother with a severe physical disability – that a positive attitude makes a significant difference. I don’t claim that it makes all the difference; no, there are too many challenges and difficulties every single day, but having a positive attitude does make a difference.

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