Invitation to Weekend Creative Writing Journey

Today I’m writing you – excited – to invite you to embark on a journey of creative writing with me.


So what’s this creative journey all about and what will you get out of it? As every writer, I often struggle with my writing. I find myself staring at a blank notebook or a blank word document, not knowing how to begin, or how to continue from where I left off. So I recently decided to get back to practice writing, immersing myself in the process of writing in various ways that engage the creative mind and generate ideas.

Once a week, towards the weekend, you’ll receive an email with a piece that will include discussion of one aspect of writing, followed by a writing exercise. There’s no commitment whatsoever on your part. We already have ten participants who have signed up for the journey, and we are beginning this weekend.

I’ll also be recommending reading materials, and I’ll sometimes throw in some playlists that I find to be conducive to writing 🙂

We’ll deal with issues such as character, writing about the “other,” point of view, how to write about a social/political issue from a personal perspective that will engage readers, how to work with your writer’s notebook, and more. I’ll share the challenges that face me as a writer, and how I deal with them. In all workshops, we’ll be practicing the craft and art of writing. I’m also open to suggestions from participants, and I’ll adapt the workshop contents accordingly. Once in a while, I’ll have a Q&A about my own writing process, where you can ask me anything, and I’ll try to answer as honestly as I can.

So join me! Send me an email to I already posted the first writing assignment on my website, just as a taste.

p.s. this workshop is offered completely free of charge, no catches whatsoever. However, as I am dedicating significant time and energies into this, if you’d like to support my work, I am on Patreon. So check it out, as there are plenty of goodies there waiting for you (music, short stories, and signed copies of my novel, Haifa Fragments).

Yalla, let’s do this. Let’s get creative.


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