Literature can change the world

I believe literature has the power to change the world, one reader and one book at a time. This is the main reason why I share the books I’m reading on my Instagram and sometimes on my Facebook profile. I hope that the love of reading will rub off and inspire more people to pickContinue reading “Literature can change the world”

“Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress

I am back at my writing desk, as finally the characters of “Taboos in Arabic” know how they want to progress with the narratives of their stories. I am sharing with you here a fragment of Bisan’s beginnings in Haifa. Autumn 2013 – Bisan Bisan stands in front of the large shop and glares withContinue reading ““Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress”

Mourning (work-in-progress)

The opening of my new work-in-progress, Mourning. This character came to me two nights ago, as I was falling asleep, and she kept walking in my head all night long, until I could no longer bear it. She is demanding from me to put aside the two big writing projects I’m currently working on, andContinue reading “Mourning (work-in-progress)”

On writing short stories – “Storied Women”

I’m excited to share with you that I’m taking a writing course offered for free by the University of Iowa, in the framework of their International Writing Program, called “How Writers Write Fiction 2016: Storied Women.” Initially, I planned only to audit it, but the course is turning out to be fascinating so far. The firstContinue reading “On writing short stories – “Storied Women””

“Conflict Zone Date” short story available for purchase

I’m happy to let you all know that the copyrights of my short story, “Conflict Zone Date” have cleared and reverted back to me. I am making the story available for purchase to individuals. Send me your email to if you wish to purchase it and I’ll send you a request for payment and aContinue reading ““Conflict Zone Date” short story available for purchase”

inspiration among artists

Adi Liraz is a Berlin-based multi and interdisciplinary artist I’ve been friends with on Facebook for quite some time. Recently, two specific works of her caught my eye. The first one was just around the Burkini ban. Around that time, out of rage, I wrote a poem by the title “Stop Policing My Body.” ShortlyContinue reading “inspiration among artists”

Privilege is relative.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to an anthropology student about her research. Part of her research included talking to young Arab women who have been able to build an independent life for themselves, free – to some degree – of some of the patriarchal oppressions in our society. Somehow, not surprisingly, the conversationContinue reading “Privilege is relative.”

all things needed + my heart lives elsewhere

all things needed fold time into love unfold kindness – from your skin count the beauty into a – pouch hang the sun – upside down unspool your fire – from that thread what is beauty and where is your – sky. (c) khulud khamis, Haifa | July 2016     my heart lives –Continue reading “all things needed + my heart lives elsewhere”

“Conflict Zone Date” – in Consequence Magazine (part 2)

Here’s another fragment from “Conflict Zone Date,” a short story published in the Spring 2016 issue of Consequence Magazine: an international literary magazine focusing on the culture of war. The drive to the village takes him about 40 minutes. Entering the village, everything slows down. The contrast between city and village is so stark that itContinue reading ““Conflict Zone Date” – in Consequence Magazine (part 2)”