This week, the women of Poland took to the streets in black Black Monday protests against the criminalization of abortions, with up to five years of imprisonment for women who terminate their pregnancies. Until when do we have to fight for our rights over our bodies? It’s the same thing throughout history – trying toContinue reading “#StopPolicingOurBodies”

inspiration among artists

Adi Liraz is a Berlin-based multi and interdisciplinary artist I’ve been friends with on Facebook for quite some time. Recently, two specific works of her caught my eye. The first one was just around the Burkini ban. Around that time, out of rage, I wrote a poem by the title “Stop Policing My Body.” ShortlyContinue reading “inspiration among artists”

Safe Space for Arab Women to Share Experiences of Sexual Violence

Tuskuteesh (Arabic for don’t remain silent, #تسكتيش), a safe space for Arab women to share experiences and testimonies of sexual violence, which I co-founded with my friend and sister in the struggle, Reem Jaramneh, was born out of the dire need to break the silence on this issue, which is still a huge taboo inContinue reading “Safe Space for Arab Women to Share Experiences of Sexual Violence”

Privilege is relative.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to an anthropology student about her research. Part of her research included talking to young Arab women who have been able to build an independent life for themselves, free – to some degree – of some of the patriarchal oppressions in our society. Somehow, not surprisingly, the conversationContinue reading “Privilege is relative.”

Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces. Sketch 3

Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces. Sketch 3 – 29 August 2016 For two months now, I’ve been taking my mom to Tai Chi classes. Not a class for people with disabilities. A class for women only. It is a small class, consisting of five participants. We convene every Sunday for 90 minutesContinue reading “Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces. Sketch 3”

stop policing my body

you will not drag my body through your – muddy dirty battlefield. you will not – dress me undress me police me. my body is not the battlefield for your morals – religious or secular. my morals reside in my heart my morals are – not hidden in the folds of my clothes (and justContinue reading “stop policing my body”

Six Weeks – work in progress.

Second excerpt from “Six Weeks” I wake up to the muted howling of the siren. I open my eyes and, for a few seconds, my mind is a complete blank. Then I jerk up into sitting position, grabbing my phone from the bedside table. The phone is blinking with four unanswered calls. 9:47. Shit. Shit,Continue reading “Six Weeks – work in progress.”

Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces: Sketch 1-2

“Six Weeks,” the new novel I’m working on currently, is exhausting me of all energies. It is the most difficult of any writing I have ever done. At its center, the fragile relationship between a woman and her disabled mother. Both daughter and mother have to deal with their own challenges in life, while tryingContinue reading “Sketches of Women with Disabilities in Public Spaces: Sketch 1-2”

“Six Weeks” – work in progress

Sharing the first fragment from a new novel-in-progress, with the initial title of “Six Weeks.” Nairouz, a Palestinian woman from Haifa in her 40s, has to make room in her too-busy life, to care for her disabled mother for six weeks, when the Second Lebanon War starts in July 2006. The novel follows her lifeContinue reading ““Six Weeks” – work in progress”

On the Art of Political Poetry

Recently I’ve been invited to give a workshop for university students in a course on “Women, Poetry, History.” My first reaction was: “What? Me? A poet? No, no, you got it wrong. I ain’t no poet. I’m a fiction writer, a novelist. I don’t do poetry.” But then, slowly, I realized that actually, I amContinue reading “On the Art of Political Poetry”