from “Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress

In the evening, I carry the pieces of my mother’s stories up the Haifa stairs. I carry them gently, for I am afraid to drop one of them, lose a second, forget a third. For these are not merely pieces of her stories, they are pieces of herself. She has given me these stories, memories,Continue reading “from “Six Weeks – Summer of 2006” work-in-progress”

mother – a woman with disabilities

Do you know the nagging type of mothers? Those that call you nine times every day? Well, my mom. Until October 2008, and for many years, my mom used to call me almost obsessively. When she’d be in Hadar shopping, she’d call to check if I needed any underwear, if my daughter needed socks, there’sContinue reading “mother – a woman with disabilities”

the last time – three versions

One of the most difficult issues to write about – for me – is sexual assault, especially when it comes to detailing a scene. I’ve been struggling with this scene for the last week, ending up with three versions. The first version ended up – quite unsurprisingly – something that we would wish could happenContinue reading “the last time – three versions”

What happened when I dared to write in Arabic

As a Palestinian woman who lives between four languages and several cultures, I write in different languages, each time according to the context. Sometimes my choice of language in social media is arbitrary, while at other times it depends on the content and context. As an activist in the fight against sexual violence in theContinue reading “What happened when I dared to write in Arabic”

They chip away at your life – novel in progress

We buried Zahra in March. I stumbled through my final exams, sleepless, bleary-eyed, insomniac. All I knew was that I had to get through the exams somehow, because that was my future. But I also knew I couldn’t stay there one minute more than I had to. If I did, I would either have toContinue reading “They chip away at your life – novel in progress”

scribbles from a notebook

I dip in and out of writing. Something is simmering beneath the surface. Three women, memories of three lives, each carrying some elements of me inside her. I connect to them, get lost in their lives, I confuse them, then try to separate them back and mould them into three independent characters. I try toContinue reading “scribbles from a notebook”

from the diary of caring for a disabled mother: a different rhythm of life

from the diary of caring for a disabled mother: when the rhythm of your movement is slowed down due to physical disability, and you are unable to go outdoors in cold and rainy weather, a sunny day in the middle of winter is a precious gift to cherish. when you are forced to change theContinue reading “from the diary of caring for a disabled mother: a different rhythm of life”

“Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress

I am back at my writing desk, as finally the characters of “Taboos in Arabic” know how they want to progress with the narratives of their stories. I am sharing with you here a fragment of Bisan’s beginnings in Haifa. Autumn 2013 – Bisan Bisan stands in front of the large shop and glares withContinue reading ““Taboos in Arabic” excerpt from novel-in-progress”

Mourning (work-in-progress)

The opening of my new work-in-progress, Mourning. This character came to me two nights ago, as I was falling asleep, and she kept walking in my head all night long, until I could no longer bear it. She is demanding from me to put aside the two big writing projects I’m currently working on, andContinue reading “Mourning (work-in-progress)”

On writing short stories – “Storied Women”

I’m excited to share with you that I’m taking a writing course offered for free by the University of Iowa, in the framework of their International Writing Program, called “How Writers Write Fiction 2016: Storied Women.” Initially, I planned only to audit it, but the course is turning out to be fascinating so far. The firstContinue reading “On writing short stories – “Storied Women””