I am a Slovak-Palestinian feminist writer and, growing up in two countries and between two cultures, my identity is composed of both, and my multicultural background affects my writing. I write fiction, poetry and non-fiction. I hold a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Haifa. In my fiction, poetry, as well as non-fiction, I deal with political and social issues such as identity, belonging, racism and discrimination, art as political resistance, hard-core social taboos in the Palestinian society, women and disabilities, sexual violence, and issues affecting women and the LGBTQI community, all from a feminist perspective. Living in a conflict zone, I mainly write fictionalized realities. I’m a member of the radical feminist collective Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center. I live in Haifa with my daughter, partner, two dogs and a cat.


Haifa Fragments, published in 2015 by Spinifex Press (Australia), New Internationalist (UK), and translated to Italian, Frammenti di Haifa (Fila 37), and Turkish, Hayfa’nın Kırık Parçaları (Guldunya Yayınları).

Conflict Zone Date,  Consequence Magazine: An International Literary Magazine Focusing on the Culture of War. Volume 8, Spring 2016. The short story is available in PDF for purchase. If you wish to purchase it, send me an email at khulud.kh@gmail.com.

Poems in Sinister Wisdom, Vol 94 | Fall 2014.

writing is often literary my lifeline. writing through pain, loss, sadness, but also through love, solitude, kindness. Living a life of love, words, photography, poetry, art, gardening, self-care, solitude, and feminist activism.


khulud khamis