Fat like a tent

I open my eyes. The room is flooded with white light. Must be late morning. I want to sleep more, but my bladder is on the verge of exploding. I walk to the bathroom barefooted and sit on the toilet. It seems as if I’m peeing a river. I don’t wash my hands after I flush my urine to converge with the rest of the neighbours’ shit and piss. Back in the bedroom, I take off my nightgown and stand naked on the shining, stainless-steel, brand-new digital scale I got myself last week. I couldn’t pass up on the sale. This morning, the shining stainless-steel, brand-new digital scale shows 104.7 kilograms. That’s 300 grams less than yesterday morning. My mood immediately shifts to elation and any doubts about my newly acquired, shining stainless-steel digital scale evaporates.

I open my closet. Suddenly, too many choices. So many beautiful dresses, all bought on a shopping spree in Hadar, mostly from big Russian or Moroccan older women. I didn’t try any of them on in the tiny stores. The ladies promised they’d fit. And they do. After all, they’re all a size tent. Made for big, sturdy women. I bought them all in floral patterns. Suhad would die all over again if she knew this is my new wardrobe.

A new piece of writing. I have no idea where it will take me; this character with her morning scene, just burst into my mind while I was out on my nightly walk tonight. Let me know if you’d like to read more of this as I progress in writing by leaving a comment or writing me an email at khulud.kh@gmail.com

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  1. deborah says:

    Dear Khulud,
    I saw Haifa Fragments in my local library in Melbourne and took it home to read as I often visit Israel and have a soft spot for Haifa. I began reading, wondering where you were going with the story, and was increasingly drawn into it. Thus it was quickly finished and left me with quite an intense feeling of the city, its described inhabitants and the land and people beyond the line. Very well done! And I appreciated the subtlety you bring to your characters who are nicely balanced. But I would like to know more of your characters, of how they think and feel….eg I am interested in your understanding of how they think and feel, knowing all the same that understandings can change with time and experience. I guess I shall have to continue to read your writings. You live in a most complex socio/political environment….where there can hardly be absolutes and that must make it most interesting for a writer or any artist. Myself, I am a photographer and struggle how to portray reality in an instant. All the best with your work. deborah


    1. Thank you dear Deborah for reading the book and for connecting with me. I am always thrilled to know of another reader who was touched by the book. And yes, i completely understand what you mean by struggling with your art. It is challenging. I’d love to see your work – is there a website or social media where i can see your creations?


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