The Unspeakable Act – short story on sexual assault

I am excited to have my short story, The Unspeakable Act, published by FemAsia Magazine. The Unspeakable Act is a story about sexual assault. I deal with this issue in my fiction, poetry, as well as in non-fiction pieces. Because if we want to create change, we need to talk about sexual violence, and create conversation about it through many media, including the arts.

FemAsia is a magazine for women, in which issues and events which impact on girls and women in our contemporary world are discussed and explored. It features writing and perspectives of women across Asia, a continent full of countries in which women of all ages are reading, working, writing and growing their businesses and families and circles of enterprise and activism, and changing the world in which we live.

FemAsia publishes insightful, informative and illuminating articles, reviews, interviews and opinion pieces, covering the spectrum of women’s interests and experiences. The rich content and in-depth coverage of issues engaging women will expand and enhance our understanding of the roles and status of women in the world today.

I invite you to read The Unspeakable Act, and would love to hear your feedback on. “We sit in silence for a while. She gets up, comes around the table, puts her old hands on my shoulders.
‘I know,’ she whispers. And I know you can’t tell me. But you have choices. We always have choices in life. Just make sure you make the one that is right for you.’”


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