The cartography of my body

Come, don’t be afraid
Take a closer look
At my body.
Can you see the map?
I’ve mapped out the battlefield,
Especially for you.

All the wars fought on it.
To the North – the ruptured country
To the East – the desert of pain
To the South – the river of blood
To the West – all the ripped cities.

It’s an old map, a damaged map.
All the countries need to be changed.
New territories need to be charted out.
To the North – a field of healing
To the East – the country of love
To the South – rivers of nourishment
To the West – cities of kindness

But for that, I must master the delicate art of cartography first.
Until then, I will carry the map of the old world on my body.

#MeToo #YouAreNotAlone

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