exposure – on #depression

As some of you have noticed, I’ve been writing about depression, PTSD and mental health issues lately. It’s a new writing project I’ve undertaken with my daughter, Michelle Bvb Lu, in the last few weeks, and this time, it is non-fiction. It is raw writing, coming out of the deepest parts of my soul. It is personal exposure, and I’ve been struggling with the writing itself, each time exposing something new. This post adds a new element, as it exposes something additional. A suicide attempt, something that most of you don’t know about. Please be gentle with any comments and do not ask personal questions. Supportive comments are welcome.

On #depression – no. 4
When do you have the right to publicly write or talk about your own experience in caring for and supporting a loved one who has attempted #suicide and is dealing with PTSD and mental health issues? Not until you get explicit agreement from that person, even if you’re not mentioning her name, even if you’re talking only about your own experience. Because ultimately, your narrative is intertwined with hers, and you have no right to write about it without her permission.
#writing work in progress

#bibliotherapy #ptsd #mentalhealth


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