calling Jerusalem Haifa Amman

I wrote this poem two days after my friend, Ahmed, who was protesting non-violently in Al Quds (I had his live-stream where I could hear him shouting “We are non-violent” both in English and Hebrew). In another live-stream, he tried to get inside Al Maqased hospital to donate blood, and in return, he got a sound-bomb thrown at him. He was beaten up and wounded. This is what he got for protesting non-violently and for wanting to save lives by trying to donate blood.

When I have no more words, that is when the poetry starts to flow out of the deepest parts of me.

This one, a poem without a –
Post trau –

Jerusa –
Pales –
Haifa, Amman.
Post trau –

Divided, united.

Bomb – sound
Blood – donate
Can’t pass through
Beat up, blood – donate
Let me through

5 minutes ago he was online.
One hour ago – he was online.

Haifa calling Amman.
Where the hell is he?

Blood – donate
Let me through.
Can’t pass through.

Haifa calling Jerusalem.
Online – 20 minutes ago.
Where the hell are you?

“We are not –
Using violence.
We are not –
We are not –
We are.”

Bomb – sound
Blood – donate
Can’t pass through
Beat up, blood – donate
Let me through

Post trau –
Divide, unite.

Calling Jerusalem – Haifa – Amman.
Post trauma –

Love, music video, dance.
Calling Jerusalem Haifa Amman.

khulud khamis | 23 July 2017


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  1. Cosmo says:

    I love your poem, Khulud, and feel for your friend Ahmed, of course! But as I’m away in Canada on a World Indigenous Peoples Education Conference, I don’t get this metal detector feud… I’m not trying to be provocative yet would love to hear your side of the story…!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paula Boyer says:

    Hi great reading yyour blog


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