What we are forbidden to talk about

Every story, every testimony of sexual violence that arrives at تسكتيش Tuskuteesh (don’t remain silent: a safe space for Arab women to share testimonies of sexual violence), brings up yet another, and another memory. I realize that as a woman, I’ve been exposed to so many incidents of sexual harassment throughout my life that I can’t even begin to count them. There is no safe space for us women; in every space, a predator lurks. The male gaze views us as a sexual object from an early age. As a woman living through words, my way of coping with these memories is to write them down in fiction form. Take each memory as it comes, process it, fictionalize it, and put that voice out there in the form of fiction, a short story. I call this form of writing Fictionalized Realities.

If you support women’s right to speak up about their experiences of sexual violence (harassment, sexual assault, rape, and any other form of sexual violence), please share the Tuskuteesh page تسكتيش with your Arab female friends.

If you enjoy my writing, please consider supporting my work: www.patreon.com/khulud_khamis

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  1. talma bar-din says:

    you write “There is no safe space for us women” but i think there might be if all women will fight for their rights to be equal everywhere . the struggle we used to call “take back the night” and the days too. feminist activism is suposed to bring us one day to a safe univers where there are only humans all equals!!!

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