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Adi Liraz is a Berlin-based multi and interdisciplinary artist I’ve been friends with on Facebook for quite some time. Recently, two specific works of her caught my eye. The first one was just around the Burkini ban. Around that time, out of rage, I wrote a poem by the title “Stop Policing My Body.” Shortly after, Adi published this photograph, with the caption “My Body Is Not Your Discourse.”


(copyrights of this photograph belong to Adi Liraz)

I felt my poem and Adi’s work are expressing the same rage. Both of us being artists, it was the intuitive thing we did – express our political resistance and stance through our art.

Today, Adi posted another work of hers, still in progress. When I saw it, I felt some inexplicably deep connection to it on a very personal level. I felt it’s speaking directly to me. When I commented on it, Adi surprised me by saying that it was inspired by a text I wrote, “Writing in the Margins – Fluid Identities.” When she told me this, I understood that inexplicable and intimate connection I felt to this particular art-work of Adi.


(copyrights of this photograph belong to Adi Liraz)

The first instance of the text and photo were created at a specific point in time, both in reaction to a political incident that affects us as women. The similarities in our works are not a coincidence, although we both created our respective works separately and without knowing what the other is creating.

The second instance, there is a natural extension from one form of art to another, where an artist is inspired by another work of art, in a different medium, and takes the idea and moulds it, changes it, and creates something new out of it in a different form of art. This time, it was a spontaneous process, and hopefully this can be the start of more inspiration between Adi and me. Maybe even this may be the start of some future collaboration or a joint project. Maybe not. I will let things take their course, continue to follow up on Adi’s work, and be inspired by it.

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